US set to expand sanctions on semiconductor sales to Russia

The measures will broaden existing export controls to cover US-branded goods manufactured globally, addressing loopholes that have allowed Russia to adapt economically.

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The US government is set to announce expanded sanctions on semiconductor chips and other goods sold to Russia, targeting third-party sellers in China. That move is part of a broader effort by the Biden administration to thwart Russia’s attempts to bypass Western sanctions and sustain its war efforts against Ukraine. The new measures will extend existing export controls to include US-branded goods, even those not made in the United States. They will identify specific Hong Kong entities involved in shipping goods to Moscow.

These upcoming sanctions come as President Joe Biden prepares to attend a summit with other Group of Seven (G7) leaders in southern Italy, where supporting Ukraine and weakening Russia’s military capabilities are top priorities. US officials have expressed increasing concern over China’s growing trade with Russia, which they believe is enabling Moscow to maintain its military supplies by providing essential manufacturing equipment. The broadened export controls aim to address this issue by encompassing a wider range of US goods.

Additionally, the US plans to impose significant new sanctions on financial institutions and non-banking entities involved in the ‘technology and goods channels’ that supply the Russian military. That decision comes amid efforts to ensure that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy can emphasise the critical situation facing Ukrainian forces in their ongoing struggle against Russia during his meetings with G7 leaders.