US New Democrat Coalition calls for increased investment in diverse emerging technologies for national security

Current funding is neglecting adequate support for testing and proof of concept, hindering the adoption of innovative tech, the coalition claims.

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Members of the US national security task force within the New Democrat Coalition are urging the House Armed Services Committee leaders to boost the Department of Defence’s investment in emerging technologies. They contend that the current funding allocation is disproportionately focused on the early stages of development, neglecting adequate support for testing and proof of concept. This approach impedes the adoption of innovative technologies and poses a risk to the United States’ global leadership.

With over 90 House Democrats, the coalition is demanding that the fiscal year 2024 National Defence Authorisation Act prioritise funding for emerging technologies throughout the entire innovation pipeline. They also stress the importance of cultivating a diverse and skilled workforce, particularly in cybersecurity, while streamlining the integration of commercial technologies within the DOD.

Furthermore, the lawmakers emphasise the need to strengthen the country’s supply chains and defence industrial base. Citing a report from the Government Accountability Office highlighting risks to the industrial base, they advocate for a comprehensive strategy to mitigate those risks.