US Homeland Security creating AI task force

The US Homeland Security agency will form a task force to responsibly use and defend against malicious use of AI, finding a balance between regulation and innovation, acknowledging its power and potential for both positive and negative impact.

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The US Homeland Security agency will create a task force to ‘lead in the responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) to secure the homeland and in defending against the malicious use’ of this technology. Due to the rapid change, the agency considers the current time as a pivotal moment to act and find the ‘sweet spot’ of regulation. Regulation should serve as a guardrail without hampering innovation. Chief Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas considers AI to be in a ‘nascent stage’, but with extraordinary power. Therefore, it would be premature to assess whether the positive impact will outweigh the negative. The new task force of the agency will investigate in potential useful and harmful utilization of AI.

Officials around the world are intensifying their efforts to regulate AI tools. On 18 April 2023, the US Federal Trade Commission declared to pursue companies who are misusing AI to violate laws against discrimination or be deceptive.