US FCC Chairman: Congress needs to ‘take hold’ of net neutrality

In an interview over net neutrality with the Marketplace, the chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Ajit Pai, spoke in favour of the net neutrality issue being tackled by the US Congress. Making reference to the past months of intense debates in the USA over net neutrality rules, Pai said ‘the Congress would be well-positioned to take hold of this issue and just figure out what the rules or the road are going to be long term’. He added that a regulatory framework set by the Congress would bring more certainty for the FCC as well as the public as to what rules are applicable and to what extent. But Pai also noted that there is a potential downside with a legislative solution to the net neutrality debate, saying that ’the trade off with legislation is that you’re capturing a snapshot of the marketplace in a moment in time, and that snapshot can be yellowed with age’.