US FCC adds Russia’s Kaspersky to national security threat list

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) added Kaspersky Lab to its List of communications equipment and services that pose a threat to national security

Apart from Russian-based Kaspersky, the list has been expanded to include China Telecom (Americas) Corp and China Mobile International USA.

Businesses in the US are barred from using federal subsidies provided through the FCC’s Universal Service Fund to purchase any products or services from the companies on the list.

‘Today’s action is the latest in the FCC’s ongoing efforts, as part of the greater whole-of-government approach, to strengthen America’s communications networks against national security threats, including examining the foreign ownership of telecommunications companies providing service in the United States and revoking the authorization to operate where necessary’ said the FCC.

In reaction, Kaspersky stated it was ‘disappointed’ with the FCC’s decision, noting that the ‘decision is not based on any technical assessment of Kaspersky products – that the company continuously advocates for – but instead is being made on political grounds.’

While the FCC just added the Russian software provider to the list, the US government banned Kaspersky products from all government departments in 2017.