US Cyber Command promoted to a Unified Combatant Command

US President Trump brought a decision that the Cyber Command be established as a Unified Combatant Command, and directed the Secretary of Defense to recommend its new chief. Cyber Command has developed within the NSA and played an important role in, among other, in fighting the ISIS in cyberspace. The decision effectively elevates Cyber Command to a stand-alone operational arm of the US army, equal to those overseeing military operations in the Middle East, Europe and the Pacific; it will ensure that “critical cyberspace operations are adequately funded”, President Trump stated. This move has been debated and planned for years, and its execution – which has been praised also by Trump’s critics like Senator McCain as well as some Democrats – confirms that the Cyber Command unit has reached initial operational capacity, Politico reports. President Trump also announced that the Cyber Command may be separated from the NSA, an option which is still under examination.