UNICEF supports digital technology for rapid data collection post-cyclone in Fiji

The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is supporting the use of digital technologies for rapid collection and consolidation of information post-Tropical Cyclone Yasa in Fiji. UNICEF deploys technologies to collect information on affected infrastructure and facilities, school demography, learning resources, water supply, school evacuation centres, and accessibility. To this aim, UNICEF has provided training for a local assessment team on how to conduct assessments using the data tool before heading out to the field. According to UNICEF: 

The digital assessment survey form is installed in a digital device and data collection can be done offline in affected communities. Once the device captures the Internet connection, data can be uploaded from the field and becomes visible for the government. Timely and quality data on the situation on the ground is important in the immediate aftermath of a disaster like Tropical Cyclone Yasa.