UNCTAD sets priority actions to help more women reap the benefits of the digital economy

During their first meeting on 20 January 2022, members of the Advisory Board of the UN Conference on Trade and Development’s (UNCTAD) eTrade for Women initiative reiterated their commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs in the digital economy. To this aim, the board identified three key priorities: 1) to intensify the dialogue between women entrepreneurs and policymakers to build a more inclusive digital economy, 2) to further impact future generations of women digital entrepreneurs by increasing synergies between the advocates and the communities through mentorship and coaching; and 3) to give more visibility to the initiative and its work. Alongside the public-private dialogue, the advocates agreed to continue to mobilise efforts to support other women digital entrepreneurs, and nurture eTrade for Women’s unique community. “eTrade for Women addresses gaps in terms of visibility, learning and networking opportunities available to women in the digital economy. It also enables them to emerge as a credible voice in the public policy space,” said UNCTAD director of technology and logistics Shamika N. Sirimanne.