UN Secretary-General launches Roadmap for Digital Cooperation

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres launched the Roadmap for Digital Cooperation. Whilst referring to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Roadmap develops on the report ‘Age of Digital Interdependence’ of the High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation, and addresses the recommendations on global connectivity, digital public goods, digital inclusion, digital capacity building, digital human rights, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital trust and security made by the Panel. With regard to the three models of digital cooperation (Internet Governance Forum Plus (IGF+), distributed co-governance, and digital commons architecture), the Roadmap highlights the strong support that the IGF+ has received so far, noting that the other two models could be complementary. It also sets out a way forward, stressing the role of the UN as a convener and platform for a multistakeholder policy dialogue on emerging technologies. 

The document specifies that the secretary general will appoint an envoy for technology in 2021 who will provide advice to the UN’s senior leadership on key developments in the field of technology.