UN Secretary-General office emphasises the need for monitoring and regulation of artificial intelligence

The development of artificial intelligence needs to be carefully monitored and regulated to prevent its abuse, according to the office of UN Secretary-General. Even the developers themselves have expressed concerns about the growing dangers of AI.

Photo of the UN HQ in New York with flags of member states.

In a press briefing by the Office of the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General, Deputy Spokesperson Farhan Haq acknowledged that AI has the potential to significantly impact our society and urged the need for responsible and ethical use of AI. Haq emphasised the importance of ensuring that AI is aligned with human values and respects human rights. It is necessary to carefully monitor the development of artificial intelligence and establish appropriate regulations and standards to prevent its abuse. Even those who are developing AI have expressed their concerns, which should be taken seriously and considered by governments as they decide how to develop this technology.

The growing public demand for better regulation of Artificial Intelligence underscores the need for caution and perspective when dealing with this technology. To address concerns about its impact on national security and education, the US administration is soliciting public comments on proposed accountability measures for AI systems. Renowned computer scientist and AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton has also expressed his apprehensions about the potential dangers of AI. Meanwhile, the European Parliament (MEPs) has made progress by reaching a preliminary political agreement on the world’s first rulebook for Artificial Intelligence.