UN General Assembly adopts resolution on impact of rapid technological change on SDGs

The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on the impact of rapid technological change on realising the sustainable development goals (SDGs). According to the resolution, rapid technological change refers not only to science, technology, and innovation, but also to the human and institutional capacities needed to adapt to change. It calls upon the member states and stakeholders to bridge the digital and knowledge divides and underlines the importance of providing universal and affordable access to the internet by 2030. It also sheds light on digital rights and the importance of data protection legislation, regulation, and policies that are in line with international human rights obligations. The resolution further underscores how the rapid technological change can promote food security by 2030 by the adoption of advanced and appropriate information technology in agriculture systems. To this aim, it refers to the importance of enhanced international cooperation to facilitate access and promote investment in clean energy research, technology, and infrastructure.