UK warns businesses running Russian software, approves Kaspersky antivirus software for personal use

The British National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued a warning to British organisations regarding the use of Russian technology. The NCSC advised businesses that are more likely to be targeted by Russia due to the current situation to assess the risks posed by using Russian technology.

According to the agency, public sector organisations, organisations that provide services to Ukraine, organisations that provide services related to the UK’s critical infrastructure, high-profile organisations whose compromise ‘could represent a PR ‘win’ for Russia,’ and organisations or individuals doing work that could be seen as being counter to Russian state interests are especially vulnerable.

The NSCS stated that individuals should continue to use Kaspersky antivirus software because they are unlikely to be the targets of Russian cyber attacks. However, the centre cautioned that if Kaspersky is sanctioned, users may be forced to switch to a different antivirus software.

‘We have no evidence that the Russian state intends to suborn Russian commercial products and services to cause damage to UK interests, but the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence,’ the NCSC said in a blog post.