UK veterinary services provider CVS group hit by cyberattack

The attack has disrupted CVS’ IT operations across the UK.

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CVS Group, a prominent veterinary services provider based in the UK, recently fell victim to a cyberattack that disrupted its IT services across the country.

The cyberattack was detected when threat actors gained unauthorized access to some of CVS Group’s IT systems. In response, CVS took swift action to isolate the issue by temporarily shutting down its IT systems as part of its response plan to prevent further unauthorized access.

Despite causing considerable operational disruption over the past week, CVS Group’s measures have been effective in containing the threat of malicious activity. The company has enlisted the help of third-party specialists to investigate the incident and restore IT services safely across its clinics. Progress has been made in the restoration process, but it is ongoing.

It’s important to note that the cyber incident only impacted operations in the UK, as CVS Group’s operations outside the UK are not hosted on its UK infrastructure. Additionally, the announcement does not mention any data breach affecting CVS personnel or customers.

In response to the cyber incident, CVS Group has decided to accelerate its strategic plan to migrate all IT infrastructure to the cloud. This migration aims to enhance security and operational efficiency. However, this planned migration is expected to extend the period of operational disruption for UK-based practices by several weeks.

As of the time of reporting, no ransomware groups have claimed responsibility for the attack on CVS Group.