UK security minister raises alarm on potential misuse of AI technology

The UK’s Minister of State for Security warns of the potential danger posed by the weaponization of AI technology and calls for collaboration between governments and the private sector to prevent harm while increasing investment in AI research and development.

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Tom Tugendhat, the UK’s Minister of State for Security, has warned of the dangers posed by the malicious use of AI technology, stating that the weaponisation of AI could be a major threat to national security. During a speech at the CyberUK conference in Belfast, the minister argued that governments and the private sector needed to work together to ensure that AI technology was not used to cause harm, such as autonomous drones, deep fakes, and AI-powered cyberattacks. The minister also called for greater investment in AI research and development to ensure that the UK remained competitive in this rapidly evolving field.

The minister shared his policy agenda, including a consultation on amending the Computer Misuse Act. The proposed amendments would allow the government to seize control of domains and IP addresses utilized by criminals. However, during a speech to cybersecurity experts, he expressed his interest in hearing their perspectives on the matter.

The minister’s comments come amid growing concerns about the potential misuse of AI technology, particularly in the context of cyberattacks and information warfare. The use of AI algorithms to create realistic but fake images and videos has already been seen in a number of high-profile incidents, and there are fears that similar techniques could be used to manipulate public opinion or even launch physical attacks. The UK government has recently launched a number of initiatives aimed at promoting ethical AI development, including a new national AI strategy and a government-backed AI ethics committee.