UK parliamentary candidate introduces AI lawmaker concept

The Electoral Commission confirmed that the elected MP would be the candidate, not the AI.

UK, parliament

In a bold move highlighting the intersection of technology and politics, businessman Steve Endacott is running in the 4 July national election in Britain, aiming to become a member of parliament (MP) with the aid of an AI-generated avatar. The campaign leaflet for Endacott features not his own face but that of an AI avatar dubbed ‘AI Steve.’ The initiative, if successful, would result in the world’s first AI-assisted lawmaker.

Endacott, founder of Neural Voice, presented his AI avatar to the public in Brighton, engaging with locals on various issues through real-time interactions. The AI discusses topics like LGBTQ rights, housing, and immigration and then offers policy ideas, seeking feedback from citizens. Endacott aims to demonstrate how AI can enhance voter access to their representatives, advocating for a reformed democratic process where people are more connected to their MPs.

Despite some scepticism, with concerns about the effectiveness and trustworthiness of an AI MP, Endacott insists that the AI will serve as a co-pilot, formulating policies reviewed by a group of validators to ensure security and integrity. The Electoral Commission clarified that the elected candidate would remain the official MP, not the AI. While public opinion is mixed, the campaign underscores the growing role of AI in various sectors and sparks an important conversation about its potential in politics.