UK government launches pornography review

The UK government launched a pornography review to investigate regulatory problems, and assess the effectiveness of law enforcement.

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The UK government announced an online pornography review to investigate gaps in UK legislation to tackle online exploitation or abuse. The review will also built on the measures outlined in the Online Safety Bill, designed to safeguard children online and protect all users from illegal content, and set a new standard for age verification methods.It will also examine the effectiveness of the criminal justice system and law enforcement agencies in responding to unlawful pornography and consider changes to criminal law if necessary. The review will also explore additional measures that can be taken to provide children with information and resources regarding the dangers of pornography to ensure that dangerous content is handled seriously. Engagement with government, police, industry, civil society groups, and regulators will be part of the review. The investigation will also examineothe pornography industry’s role in adult performer trafficking, child sexual exploitation, and tackling extreme content online without consent.