UK Government invests £100 million to build safe and innovative AI technology

While the US and the EU make strides towards AI regulation, the UK is also taking steps with the establishment of an expert task force.

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The UK government has announced the creation of an expert task force with a £100 million investment aimed at developing and deploying safe and innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The initiative will bring together leading experts in AI, engineering, and other related fields to explore new applications for AI across various sectors.

The task force will focus on developing new AI technologies that prioritise safety, security, and ethical considerations. This includes exploring new approaches to AI verification, validation, and transparency, as well as addressing potential ethical concerns around the use of AI technology in society. Advanced AI has the potential to bring about revolutionary changes across numerous sectors, such as healthcare, public services, and environmental sustainability. This program is part of the UK government’s broader AI strategy, which aims to make the UK a global leader in AI development and deployment. The government has committed to investing £1 billion in AI research and development over the next decade, which highlights the growing importance of AI technology in driving economic growth and social progress. By investing in the development of safe and innovative AI technology, the UK government hopes to create new economic opportunities, improve public services, and ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of global innovation in the field of AI.

In previous weeks, similar task force expert groups were established, with the US Homeland Security agency announcing a task force, seeking a balance between regulation and innovation to mitigate its positive and negative impacts. Meanwhile, the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) established a dedicated task force for ChatGPT, promoting cooperation and information sharing among the EU member-states data protection authorities for potential enforcement actions, marking a significant move towards unified policies on privacy and data protection rules for AI.