UK adopts new age verification rules for pornographic content

18 Oct 2018

Following the implementation of 2017 Digital Economy Act, the United Kingdom’s Department for Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) has introduced new age verification rules in order to limit children’s exposure to pornographic content. Such regulations apply only to sites which make pornographic content available on a commercial basis. Hence, this excludes social media, image sharing platforms (e.g.Imgur, Tumblr, Twitter and Reddit) and sites where such content is available for free and where "it is reasonable for the age-verification regulator to assume that pornographic material makes up less than one-third of the content of the material made available.”

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Children’s use of the Internet and mobile technology is increasing, and for many children worldwide there is no clear distinction between the online and offline world. Access to the Internet presents many opportunities for their education, personal development, self-expression, and interaction with others.

One of the main sociocultural issues is content policy, often addressed from the standpoints of human rights (freedom of expression and the right to communicate), government (content control), and technology (tools for content control). Discussions usually focus on three groups of content:


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