Uber works on complying with regulations in Barcelona and London

Faced with regulatory and legal challenges in Europe and around the world, Uber seems to be working on bringing its services in line with existing regulations. The company has recently announced that it returns to Barcelona three years after it stopped operating in the Spanish capital following protests from taxi drivers, as well as regulatory challenges and court cases. Under the new UberX service, the company will employ licensed drivers and will operate in compliance with city regulations. In London, Uber has brought changes to its application, while preparing for the June hearing of its appeal against the Transport for London’s (TfL) decision to withdraw its operating license. The company changed its app to make sure ‘that passengers always know who has accepted their booking and who their driver is licensed by’. It also clarified that all bookings made in London and surrounding areas will be accepted by Uber London, and only drivers licensed by TfL could carry out those trips. The change comes in response to concerns raised by TfL that some Uber drivers may be licensed by neighbouring authorities.