Uber starts testing tool that records video inside the car during rides

Uber started testing a tool that allows Uber drivers to record their trips by video in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The tool, available through the partner app Sentinel, from the company Grip Mobility, allows drivers to use their own cell phone camera to record video and audio from the inside of the vehicle when they have passengers on board.

This feature has been tested by Uber only in Brazil. It was created to improve travel safety. The tests aim to measure the impact that these videos can have for both drivers and passengers. According to Uber, the encrypted recording is stored in a partner company’s data center. Uber said that no one has access to the video’s content and that it will only be used in the event of a safety complaint by the driver or passenger. In addition to those responsible for verifying Uber’s complaints, the company stressed that only competent authorities can request access to the images, within the limits of national law.