Uber Driver reclassified as employee in France 

The French Court of Cassation ruled that Uber had employed one of its drivers. The driver sued the ride-hailing company seeking paid time off and reimbursement for expenses related to his car in 2016. The court held that a relationship of subordination typical of an employment contract exists between Uber and its drivers. First, the service of transportation is entirely organised by Uber. Second, Uber selects the clients for the drivers. Third, Uber has the authority to disconnect drivers from the application temporarily or permanently in cases where drivers refuse clients more than three times consecutively.  While an intermediate regime between employment and self-employment exists in certain countries in Europe, such as in the UK (‘worker’ is an intermediate category between ‘employees’ and ‘independents’), as well as in Italy (‘collaborazione coordinata e continuativa’ and ‘collaborazione a progetto’ contracts), French law only has two statuses; self-employed and employed.