UAE joins hands with big tech firms to set up 1000 new companies and advance digital economy

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) kicked off the National Program for Coders to support entrepreneurs, project owners, and startups specialised in programming aiming at supporting the digital transformation process in several key sectors. The program, which is launched in cooperation with Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, IBM, HPE, LinkedIn, Nvidia, and Facebook, aims at training and attracting 100,000 coders, establishing 1000 digital companies within 5 years, and increasing investment in startups from AED1.5 billion (US$410 million) to AED4 billion (US$1.09 billion). Under the supervision of the UAE Artificial Intelligence Office, the program will further support the national initiatives and future strategies to capacitate national talents, attract digital skills from around the world, and provide the required infrastructure to establish and expand the number of innovation-based companies.