Twitter returns Blue Tick to celebrities free of charge

In a U-turn decision, Twitter returns the verified blue check mark to celebrities even if they are not paying the monthly fee nor have put in the request for it.

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In an unexpected move, Twitter has restored the ‘blue tick’ verification sign for celebrity users without them purchasing it. Numerous celebrities and globally known organisations, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, found their accounts re-verified without having requested it. 

Twitter ended its old verification system on Friday, 20 April, but rather than boosting subscription sales, public data shows that fewer than 500 out of 400,000 legacy users purchased the blue tick starting at $8 a month. Soon after, the blue mark became a symbol of privilege and inspired the ‘Block the blue’ campaign prompting users to block those with the purchased verification. 

The re-verification combined with the interim loss of credibility of having the ‘blue tick’ has some celebrities questioning whether marking their accounts as ‘paid for’ is an attempt by the social platform to gain some legitimacy. Others have gone as far as to ponder the legality of the move, its potential for defamation, or a false impression of endorsement.