Twitch unveils new moderation tool for transparent user bans

This feature empowers streamers to provide clear explanations for user bans, ensuring a more secure and transparent online environment.

Gamer playing and streaming strategy video game online on twitch - Focus on neck

Twitch, the popular streaming platform, has introduced a new moderation tool that allows streamers to provide clear reasons for user bans, creating a safer and more transparent environment for both parties.

Previously, streamers could ban users without explaining why, but now they can share the reasons for bans, promoting transparency. This feature also enables sharing moderation comments with other connected channels, ensuring consistent community standards.

Additionally, Twitch has integrated Shield Mode into Mod View, making it easier for streamers to activate preset safety settings and block hateful messages, enhancing channel management efficiency.

Why does it matter?

With the introduction of this new feature, users gain greater clarity on unacceptable behaviours, enabling streamers to provide justifications when necessary. Ultimately, these enhancements can significantly improve the user experience, potentially resulting in a surge in platform adoption.