Turning digital technology innovation into climate action

The Information Telecommunication Union released a new report that looks at how digital technologies could be turned into climate action. The report embraces a comprehensive approach that examines the social impacts of climate change alongside the relevant information and communication technology-based responses and those pertinent to the reeducation of greenhouse gas and carbon footprint impacts. “The evidence and case studies presented in this report cover the full range of measures that are being deployed to better understand the Earth’s system, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience to the climate crisis – from using space sensing observation to track deforestation to developing smart grids to accelerate the energy transition to strengthening early warnings systems against the rising number of extreme weather events,” noted International Telecommunication Secretary-General Union Houlin Zhao. The report reinforces the strategic approaches required to: a) deploy ICT to mitigate climate change through the application of intelligent ICT systems, b) enhance the transformational role of ICTs in climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction, and c) recognise the value of ICTs in monitoring deforestation, crop patterns, and other environmental phenomena.