Türkiye prepares to start electronic elections by 2028

Türkiye plans to implement electronic voting if on-going assessments and evaluations produce positive outcomes.

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As a follow-up to studies conducted in 2014, Türkiye plans to implement electronic voting after the 2024 local elections. In preparation for a 2028 rollout, the Supreme Elections Council (YSK) informed that currently, it is undergoing consultations with political party representatives to decipher the legal implications of doing so.

The YSK head declared that ongoing plans also include assessing the possibility of implementation via e-Devlet, the Turkish e-government platform and evaluating the challenges posed in earthquake-prone areas, given complaints of ballot box theft during this year’s elections.

According to the YSK head, the full-scale implementation of an electronic voting system will only take place in Türkiye if there are positive outcomes from ongoing assessments and evaluations and if the system is proven to be successful in countries similar to Türkiye, with at least 45 million voters.