TikTok’s e-commerce service TikTok Shop launched in US

TikTok mobile phone

TikTok, owned by the Chinese tech firm ByteDance, has now introduced its e-commerce service, TikTok Shop, in the United States. The company has introduced a Shop Tab feature that displays products from its marketplace to 40 per cent of its app users. The feature will be gradually rolled out to all of the app’s 150 million US users by early October. This update enables users to explore and purchase products directly within the app, offering a new shopping experience on TikTok.

TikTok Shop enables users to purchase products featured in live streams and short videos directly. In addition, it is introducing an e-commerce feature that will provide content creators with fresh revenue streams by matching them with relevant brands for commission-based marketing collaborations. The platform’s “Fulfilled by TikTok” program, which includes storage, packing, and shipping, is also available to sellers.

Initially, TikTok’s e-commerce service was introduced in Indonesia in 2021 and has since expanded to the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Its entry into the US e-commerce sector is noteworthy as it aligns with the company’s broader strategy to attract tech-savvy young consumers while diversifying its sources of revenue.