TikTok launches Dublin data center to alleviate concerns of Chinese surveillance

TikTok has inaugurated a data center in Dublin to address concerns related to potential Chinese surveillance.

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TikTok has opened its first European data center in Dublin, a move aimed at allaying concerns regarding potential Chinese state surveillance. This step involves the migration of European users’ data to servers located in Dublin as part of TikTok’s ongoing efforts to address data privacy apprehensions associated with the app’s ties to China. TikTok, which is under the ownership of the Chinese company ByteDance, has emphasized that it has never shared data with Beijing, but critics remain concerned about the possibility of the Chinese government requesting access to user data.

In addition to this data center launch, TikTok has initiated ‘Project Clover,’ a program designed to enhance cybersecurity and data protection controls. The company is allowing an independent European security firm to audit these controls, underlining Ireland’s pivotal role in this endeavour. This effort runs in parallel with “Project Texas,” which involved TikTok pledging similar security measures to US lawmakers in 2020.

Earlier in 2023, TikTok encountered government restrictions in various regions due to cybersecurity and privacy concerns. Multiple institutions, including the UK government, the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the EU Council, decided to ban the app from officials’ devices.