TikTok introduces content screening function and Youth Council to enhance online safety for teens

TikTok’s content screening function allows parents to manage children’s content and supervise interactions, promoting digital rights and a Youth Council for safer use.

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Parents may manage their children’s content on TikTok and remove unsuitable videos with the new content screening function. This function is added to Family Pairing and seeks to stop users between the ages of 13 and 17 from seeing adult content. In addition, parents may supervise their children’s interactions by limiting improper content, screen time, and message senders. Digital rights campaigners welcome this inclusion with enthusiasm.

Nihat Thad of the Digital Rights Foundation encourages parents to recognise the proper digital space for their kids since too much interference may discourage teens from using social media.

TikTok has established a Youth Council in collaboration with authorities like the Institute for Family Online Safety to make the platform safer for teens. By promoting candid dialogue and understanding between parties, this feature seeks to strike a balance between caregivers’ worries and teens’ rights. Young users actively define TikTok’s policies and features through the Youth Council.