TikTok averts ban in Kenya amidst concerns over explicit content

The move comes as Kenyan officials expressed worries about sexually explicit material on the platform.

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TikTok, the global social media giant with over a billion users, has successfully avoided a potential ban in Kenya after contacting President William Ruto. While the exact number of TikTok users in Africa is unclear, a survey revealed that over half of English-speaking Kenyan news consumers use the platform.

The concern centers on explicit content. TikTok has pledged to address this issue by deploying moderators and hiring local staff to adhere to social norms and expectations. It is also engaging in a broader effort to prove its harmlessness. In the United States, the primary concern revolves around national security due to its Chinese ownership, leading to restrictions on government employee phones.

Why does it matter?

This demonstrates TikTok’s awareness of the importance of effectively managing and mitigating regulatory challenges in diverse international landscapes as it seeks to expand its global footprint. As for the Kenyan government’s temporary decision recognizes that a potential ban would have had far-reaching repercussions, impacting the lives of countless Kenyan users who rely on the platform for many purposes, including entertainment, education, and creative self-expression. A positive solution to this issue will be advantageous for both parties.