The WomenConnect Challenge India aims to bridge India’s gender digital divide

The Reliance Foundation and USAID have announced the winners of the WomenConnect Challenge India, a campaign to bridge India’s gender digital divide.

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The winners of the second round of the WomenConnect Challenge India have been announced by the Reliance Foundation and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), emphasising the importance of campaigns to alter behaviour and promote digital inclusion. The campaign aims to integrate digital literacy into livelihood initiatives and bridge India’s gender digital divide. The WomenConnect Challenge India is an example of how women’s participation in creating and developing digital technology ensures that their needs and future views are met and that women are fulfilled in every way. Seven social sector groups have been chosen to address the issue of women’s access to technology.

The event, headlined ‘Accelerating Digital Inclusion: Bridging the Digital Gender Divide in India,’ revealed the winners and published the Reliance Foundation and USAID’s first working together publication, summarising the first round of the WomenConnect Challenge India.

The Reliance Foundation and USAID support new ways for women and girls in India to participate in technology, challenge old-fashioned social norms, and increase their economic independence. It was initially implemented successfully in 19 Indian states, training over 320,000 women and girls. Closing the digital gender gap can help women better their lives while promoting a more inclusive and equitable future.