US and South Korea pledge to collaborate on cybersecurity, quantum technologies and semiconductors

The US and South Korea have pledged to collaborate on semiconductors, quantum technologies, and cybersecurity as part of their 70-year alliance celebrations.

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During a meeting to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the US-ROK Alliance, US President Biden and South Korean President Yoon pledged to collaborate on semiconductors, quantum technologies, and cybersecurity. The leaders emphasized their joint efforts to enhance mutual defence, broaden their focus on ensuring a secure and prosperous future for their citizens, and boost global cooperation and regional engagement. Additionally, the two countries discussed and signed agreements related to digital topics.

In the area of semiconductors, the two countries will work together to address global shortages and reduce their reliance on China. They also aim to develop new technologies to maintain their global competitiveness and strengthen their supply chain cooperation. Regarding quantum technologies, the two countries plan to promote joint research and build a trustworthy global market and supply chain for QIST. They also committed to developing the next generation of scientists and engineers vital to expanding the field.

Finally, the two countries announced that they had committed to signing a cybersecurity cooperation agreement. They plan to establish a strategic cybersecurity cooperation framework and work together to deter cyber adversaries, secure critical infrastructure, fight cybercrime and secure cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications. Additionally, the two countries discussed expanding their long-standing defence pact to include the digital realm and space.