• 11 June: Closing the digital divide is ‘urgent’ global issue, UN task force warns


    Findings of the final report of the U.N. secretary-general’s High-level Panel on digital Cooperation has shown that a multi-stakeholder approach and adequate funding is required to help ensure that affordable access to digital networks is available to every adult by 2030. According to a news report that provided highlights given by the Panel which briefed the U.N General Assembly, as the world becomes increasingly digitized, there is a risk that most marginalised people offline will increase.


    Mr. Nichola Astrup, minister of digitalization of Norway, adding his voice during a press briefing at the U.N. Headquarters said “Digital tools are fundamentally changing the way we relate to each other and organize our societies. We must ensure that developing countries, too, can benefit from the digital solutions. Otherwise, we will never reach the SDGs by 2030.”