Tech-related violence against women

Tech-related violence against women lacks easily accessible open source support resources for digital security, according to Technology-related Violence Against Women and Girls in Sri Lanka: Key Trendsincluding lack of privacy and complexities caused by multilingual communications and resources. The Center for Policy Alternatives, Ghosha and Hashtag Generation in Sri Lanka conducted research to examine technology-related violence against women and girls in Sri Lanka. Key trends manifested by their three-month monitoring of Facebook showed that sexual harassment, non-consensual dissemination of images and intimate images, and other forms of technology-related violence against women and girls are not isolated incidents, rather they occur within a culture of ‘casual sexism and misogyny’, according to the article. It also notes that even pages purported to defend women sometimes carry images that include captions and comments that are ‘derogatory, abusive, violent and incite further violence’. It also noted that online anonymity is used to subvert guidelines meant to protect women. Related articles explore Beyond the Report Button: Tackling Cyber-Violence in Sri Lanka and On the Harassment of the Lanka Comic Con Players.