Tech companies plans for future of work include permanent home office and pay cuts

The main trends for Silicon Valley companies’ workforces after the COVID-19 pandemic have been summarized by Business Insider. Since March 2020, most tech companies based in San Francisco have closed their campuses. Even before the COVID-19, Twitter has prepared for a decentralized workforce. The platform has announced to its employees that they have the option from working from home permanently and has already sublet office spaces in San Francisco. Moreover, salaries will change based on where employees choose to live. Google plans on adding more hub offices and giving employees more places to work. Most work positions might fit in a model of hybrid-flexible work which allows employees to keep working from home for some days. Facebook has offered US$ 2000 to assist their employees to establish home offices. Most employees will have the possibility to work from home on a permanent basis which will result in a pay cut if they decide to move to a less expensive area. The platform expects 50% of their entire working from home on a permanent basis within the next decade. Amazon has implemented a safety protocol for those willing to work from the office. The protocol includes physical distancing, increasing cleaning, face coverings and temperature checks. Apple CEO has announced that after the pandemic the company’s operations will not be the same as they were before. Microsoft will also implement hybrid workplaces on a permanent basis. The policy will affect 150 thousand employees. Netflix announced that offices will not be available until most employees are vaccinated. The platform expects to change to a four-day workweek in which employees report to the office for four days and work remotely on the fifth.

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