Suspected Fancy Bear leader allegedly hacked by a pro-Ukrainian group

The accounts of Sergey Alexandrovich Morgachev, the alleged leader of Russian state-sponsored advanced threat actor Fancy Bear, were breached by Ukrainian hacktivists.

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Ukrainian hacktivist group Kiber Sprotyv (Cyber Resistance) claimed to have breached the email of Sergey Alexandrovich Morgachev, who is believed to be the leader of the Russian state-sponsored hacker group Fancy Bear, also known as APT28.

Kiber Sprotyv uncovered Morgachev’s personal data, his home address, car plates, the location of the Russian hackers’ secretive office, and associates of Morgachev. They shared the data with InformNapalm volunteer intelligence community.

Morgachev serves as a Lieutenant Colonel of the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Army (GRU). In 2018, he was named in a US indictment charging Russian nationals with attempting to hack the Democratic National Committee (DNC) ahead of the 2016 US presidential election.