Survey finds farmers need more government support to increase the use of digital agriculture tools

Commissioned by the Vodafone Group, the survey reveals that farmers are already investing in digital solutions to overcome a range of farming challenges. More than 85% of respondents believe that digital technologies can contribute to the success of the agricultural sector. However, there is a need for greater government support to enhance the adoption of digital tools.

Findings of the ‘Farmers and Digitalisation’ survey reveal that there is already intensive use of digital technologies on farms to reduce fertiliser use, optimise water use, and improve soil health. Although farmers are willing to continue to invest in digital tools, they face a number of barriers to doing so, mainly related to the cost and availability of devices and lack of connectivity.

In the view of farmers, greater government support is needed to promote the digitisation of farms and overcome these barriers. Support is not limited to increasing access to the internet, but also involves providing training and capacity development, as well as subsidies and inventions for the adoption of digital solutions.

The survey conducted by Savanta ComRes and commissioned by Vodafone Group interviewed farmers from 13 countries in Europe and Africa about their perspectives on digital farming, environmental challenges, and current geopolitical and socio-economic pressures.