Spanish startups accuse Microsoft of anti-competitive behaviour

The complaint is based on the argument that Microsoft imposes unfair terms and high prices for using its software on competitors’ cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft logo

A complaint has been lodged against Microsoft Corp. with the Spanish antitrust regulator, alleging anti-competitive behaviour in the cloud computing market. The complaint, filed by Asociación Española de Startups, representing 700 companies, asserts that Microsoft is exploiting its dominance in the software sector to compel the use of its cloud services. The legal move is claimed to impede both cloud providers and customers within Spain’s startup ecosystem, hindering their international growth prospects.

According to the group, Microsoft’s imposition of technical and contractual barriers significantly affects cloud providers and customers, particularly startups in Spain. The association has urged the competition regulator, CNMC, to thoroughly investigate the matter. This complaint mirrors ongoing criticism directed at Microsoft for imposing unfair terms and high costs for running Windows and Office software on competitors’ cloud infrastructure.

The accusation against Microsoft comes amid regulatory authorities’ increasing global scrutiny of its Azure cloud business. Regulators in the EU, the UK, South Africa, and now Spain have raised concerns over potential anti-competitive practices in the cloud computing market. As the investigation unfolds, stakeholders await further developments to assess the implications for competition and innovation in Spain’s tech landscape.