South Korea to host second global AI safety summit

After Britain hosted the inaugural event at Bletchley Park last November, South Korea will hold the second artificial intelligence (AI) safety summit on May 21–22.

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South Korea will host the second global AI Safety Summit on May 21–22, six months after Britain held the first event at Bletchley Park. In a statement released on Friday, government officials confirmed that the event will expand on the ‘Bletchley Declaration,’ an agreement signed by 28 countries, including the US and China, to collaborate on AI safety.

South Korea’s minister of science and information and communication technology, Lee Jong-Ho, said, ‘The AI Safety Summit held in Bletchley last year marked a milestone in which the government, industry, and academia came together to address the potential risks of AI, and I am pleased that the Republic of Korea takes the baton from the UK.’

Why does it matter?

The upcoming summit, held mostly online, will be a joint effort between South Korea and the UK, with the participation of governments, AI companies, civil society, and academia. France will be hosting the next in-person summit six months later. Building on the legacy of Bletchley Park, the South Korea event will address the potential capabilities of the most advanced AI models. Developed by an advisory panel of 32 global experts, the International Scientific Report on Advanced AI Safety will be released ahead of the Korean summit.