Snapchat introduces advanced AI-powered AR features

The advancement is part of Snap’s strategic efforts to stay ahead of its social media rivals by continuously innovating in AR and AI.


Snap Inc, the owner of Snapchat, has unveiled a new iteration of its generative AI technology, enabling users to apply more realistic special effects when using their phone cameras. That move aims to keep Snapchat ahead of its social media competitors by enhancing its augmented reality (AR) capabilities, which superimpose digital effects onto real-world photos and videos.

In addition to this AI upgrade, Snap has introduced an enhanced version of its developer program, Lens Studio. The upgrade will significantly reduce the time required to create AR effects, cutting it from weeks to hours. The new Lens Studio also incorporates generative AI tools, including an AI assistant to help developers and a feature that can generate 3D images from text prompts.

Bobby Murphy, Snap’s chief technology officer, highlighted that these tools expand creative possibilities and are user-friendly, allowing even newcomers to create unique AR effects quickly. Plans for Snap include developing full-body AR experiences, such as generating new outfits, which are currently challenging to produce.