Snap suspends Yolo and LMK after lawsuit over teen’s death

Snapchat has suspended its two apps Yolo and LMK,  that allow users to send anonymous messages in response to a lawsuit filed by  Kristin Bride, the mother of a teenager from Oregon who took his life in 2020 after receiving bullying messages over these two apps. 

The lawsuit alleges that  Yolo and LMK violated consumer protection laws by failing to live up to their own terms of service and policies and anonymous messaging apps should be considered dangerous as they facilitate bullying to such a degree. The lawsuit seeks not only to ban Yolo and LMK from Snap’s platform, but other apps that lack safeguards against cyberbullying and asking for damages for the alleged harms and misrepresentations.

In a written statement Snap has stated “In light of the serious allegations raised by the lawsuit, and out of an abundance of caution for the safety of the Snapchat community, we are suspending both Yolo and LMK’s Snap Kit integrations while we investigate these claims,”.