Snap introduces watermarks for AI-generated images

Snap’s latest move to add watermarks to AI-generated images aims to enhance transparency and safeguard user content on its platform.

Snapchat, logo

Social media company Snap announced its plans to add watermarks to AI-generated images on its platform, aiming to enhance transparency and protect user content. The watermark, featuring a small ghost with a sparkle icon, will denote images created using AI tools and will appear when the image is exported or saved to the camera roll. However, how Snap intends to detect and address watermark removal remains unclear, raising questions about enforcement methods.

This move aligns with efforts by other tech giants like Microsoft, Meta, and Google, who have implemented measures to label or identify AI-generated images. Snap currently offers AI-powered features like Lenses and a selfie-focused tool called Dreams for paid users, emphasising the importance of transparency and safety in AI-driven experiences.

Why does it matter?

In its commitment to ensuring equitable access and user expectations, Snap has partnered with HackerOne to stress-test its AI image-generation tools and established a review process to address potential biases in AI results. The company’s dedication to transparency extends to providing context cards with AI-generated images and implementing controls in the Family Center to monitor teen interactions with AI, following previous controversies surrounding inappropriate responses from the ‘My AI’ chatbot. As Snap continues to evolve its AI-powered features, its focus on transparency and safety underscores its commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive user experience on its platform.