Six G7 member countries signed the Charter for Free, Open and Safe Internet

Apart from the US, G7 member countries have signed the Charter for a Free, Open, and Safe Internet that focuses on combating illegal content and online harms in online platforms. The Charter presents a list of actions that includes upholding human rights online, defending media freedom, protecting targeted groups, improving safety, increasing transparency, improving cooperation, enhancing education and information and supporting victims. In addition, the Charter enhances the role of online platforms and social networks to provide transparent and effective processes for tackling and notifying illegal content. Online platforms and social network shall also commit to make content moderation with the help of technology if necessary. Leading companies and civil society organisations have signed the charter and committed to it, including Facebook, Microsoft, Qwant, Twitter, the WebFoundation and Youtube. Some civil society organisations have welcomed the document, but with the concern that the Charter delegates the interpretation and application of laws tackling illegal content to private companies. In this regard, the use of automated technologies to moderate content is likely to censor free speech online.