Sign Language Mobile phone App, launched in Kenya 

Ms. Maureen Mbaka, ICT and Broadcasting Chief Administrative Secretary,  presided over the official opening and Demo for  the assistALL App.   This is an innovation by Signs Media Kenya limited intended to provide affordable sign language interpretation services in Kenya.

Initially developed to bridge the communication gap between persons who are deaf and healthcare providers at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, it will now be utilized in other sectors such as higher education, general healthcare, judicial system, government services and finance.

Persons who are deaf can now access these vital services through their mobile phones without necessarily using a sign language interpreter on board.

Highlighting  one of the main challenges that this App addresses, the Chief Administrative Secretary said, “From now henceforth, doctors or nurses who don’t understand Sign Language, can diagnose illness and administer medication to the people with hearing loss via this app, hence improving delivery of healthcare to this critical population”

Not only does the App benefit the persons who are deaf but is also creating employment opportunities for sign language interpreters, as the app brings them closer to their customer base without having to consider the logistics of travel.