Sierra Leone commits to digital payments to encourage growth

Sierra Leone has committed to digital payments through the Better Than Cash Alliance to enhance payment efficiency, support social welfare programs, and drive economic growth post-Ebola crisis.

Aiming at improving the efficiency of payments for social welfare programs and promoting economic growth at large, the Government of Sierra Leone joined the Better Than Cash Alliance. The Alliance works with governments, the development community, and the private sector to empower people by shifting from cash to electronic payments. Thus, the Government of Sierra Leone joined the Alliance to further advance the transition from cash to digital payments in line with the government plan to drive a national economic recovery in the wake of the Ebola crisis. ‘It is our hope that Sierra Leone will build on the existing digital payment system, expand implementation and add value as one of the efficient tools for our economic recovery following the Ebola crisis, and for delivering long-term economic growth to the people of Sierra Leone,’ noted Minister of Finance and Economic Development Dr Kaifala Marah.