Siemens Metaverse exposes sensitive corporate data

Siemens Metaverse data leak exposes corporate information including ComfyApp credentials and vulnerabilities on WordPress subdomains. Cybernews urges caution due to potential severe fallout.

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Siemens, a global leader in industrial automation and digitalization, inadvertently exposed sensitive information on the domain Siemens Metaverse is a platform that provides digital twin applications of Siemens factories and offices. In March 2023, a Cybernews research team discovered an environment file on this domain. The file contained ComfyApp credentials and endpoints. ComfyApp is a Siemens-owned workplace management application comprising sensitive data about the infrastructure of the company. Furthermore, researchers found flaws on several WordPress-based subdomains, that had already been fixed by WordPress itself in 2017.

Siemens considered the issue as non-critical, while Cybernews warns of the devastating consequences of such data leaks.