Security researchers discover updated Mirai botnet

18 Mar 2019

Unit 42 of Palo Alto Networks discovered a new variant of the Mirai botnet, famous for the massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on DNS provider Dyn and other resources in 2016. The unit found that the updated botnet targeted vulnerabilities in enterprise wireless presentation and display systems. It also can target routers, network storage devices, and video recorders, as well as IP cameras. Unit 42 claims that the botnet extended its list of exploits up to 27 that enables to widen the attack surface through enterprises and gain a greater power for DDoS attacks. Enterprises are advised to check the security of Internet of things (IoT) devices in their networks, change default passwords, and install recent patches.

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Cybersecurity is among the main concerns of governments, Internet users, technical and business communities. Cyberthreats and cyberattacks are on the increase, and so is the extent of the financial loss. 

Yet, when the Internet was first invented, security was not a concern for the inventors. In fact, the Internet was originally designed for use by a closed circle of (mainly) academics. Communication among its users was open.

Cybersecurity came into sharper focus with the Internet expansion beyond the circle of the Internet pioneers. The Internet reiterated the old truism that technology can be both enabling and threatening. What can be used to the advantage of society can also be used to its disadvantage.


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