Samsung expands Self-Repair programme to Europe

The programme covers popular Galaxy models and aims to prolong device lifespan and repairability. European customers can now replace screens, glass, and ports, while Samsung plans further expansion in the future.

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Samsung Electronics has announced the availability of its Self-Repair programme in several European countries, following its launch in Korea. This programme allows Galaxy customers to repair their devices themselves using genuine Samsung parts and repair kits. The supported products include the Galaxy S20, S21, and S22 series, as well as the Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360. 

By extending the program, Samsung aims to prolong the lifespan of its devices and enhance their repairability. The company is partnering with leading parts distributors in Europe for this initiative. European customers can now replace phone screens, back glass, and charging ports, while Galaxy Book Pro owners have access to seven genuine parts for self-repair.

First launched in the US in 2022, Samsung plans to expand the programme in the future to include more devices, repair tools, manuals, and markets, offering customers greater flexibility in repairing their Galaxy devices.