Safeguarding the Philippine economy: Senator Imee Marcos calls for amendments to laws in response to AI challenges

Senator Imee Marcos calls for inquiry into AI’s potential negative impact on BPO and OEM industries in the Philippines, highlighting job threats, advocating upskilling, and proposing regulatory measures to address unemployment and adapt to technological advancements.

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Philippines Senator Imee Marcos has called for an inquiry into the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential threat to workers in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) industries in the Philippines. The Senator cited studies by Oxford Economics and Cisco, predicting that at least 1.1 million jobs in the country will disappear by 2028 due to the adoption of AI and automated machines.

Marcos stressed the need for upskilling and training of workers in services that AI cannot replace and urged companies to include this in their corporate social responsibility. She urged lawmakers to stay informed about AI advancements and proposed a Senate inquiry to address the challenges posed by this technological shift. Marcos also highlighted the need for regulatory measures to mitigate unemployment and suggested amendments to relevant legislation, including the Intellectual Property Code, Revised Penal Code, and Cybercrime Prevention Act.