Russia’s SVR accuses US of interfering in the presidential election

President Putin has warned that any foreign meddling in the election would be considered aggression.

Russia flag is depicted on the screen with the program code

Russia’s SVR RF (Russian: СВР РФ) Foreign Intelligence Service has accused the United States of attempting to interfere in Russia’s upcoming presidential election, alleging plans for a cyberattack on the online voting system. President Vladimir Putin, likely to win the election, has cautioned against foreign meddling, considering it an act of aggression.

The SVR claimed that the Biden administration tasked American NGOs with reducing voter turnout and orchestrating cyber attacks on the remote electronic voting system, making it challenging to count a significant portion of Russian votes. The SVR did not provide evidence for these assertions, and Washington did not respond immediately.

The West views Putin critically, portraying him as a dictator and war criminal orchestrating imperial land grabs, weakening Russia and supporting Ukrainian statehood. In contrast, Putin frames Ukraine conflict as a battle between a ‘sacred’ Russian civilisation and a declining, arrogant West seeking to humiliate Russia.

Despite accusations of meddling in US elections, the Kremlin recently asserted that Russia would not interfere in the November US presidential election. Putin, Russia’s leader since 1999, has made ironic remarks about the US election, expressing a preference for Joe Biden over Donald Trump as the next US president.